DCS Probes

Flexible Probes

Flexible probes allow for a better fit to the patient/subject to minimize light lost and outside light absorbed while lowering the accuracy of the image due to the slight fluidity in distance between the detectors and source. These probes can be made for any detector separation desired, and with a few slightly different designs available, including wider or longer margins to better attach to the area.

This flexible DCS probe has 1 source and 4 detectors at separations of 5 mm, 12 mm, 18.5 mm, and 25 mm.

DCS only flexible probe with 4 sources all at the left slot and 5 detectors and separations of 5 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm. Having larger detector separations allows for more imaging depth.

Rigid Probes

Rigid probes provide and more consistent distance between the detector separations but are slightly less effective at adhering to the patients contours.

This rigid DCS only probe is one we brought to Guinea Bissau to provide care to children there. This probe has 1 source at the left most position and 5 detectors at separations of 5 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm.