Services & Products

Browse our services to see what we offer. If you know of a new optical technology that needs help reaching other scientists, let us know and we will see how we can help.


Software suite for interactive analysis of functional near infrared spectroscopy measurements of brain activation. We provide the software, training, and support.


Software that offers real-time localization and registration of optical signals with the underlying cortical coordinates, guiding probe layout during the setup process as well as post-capture display of each probe’s sensitivity. Available from NIRSOptix in conjunction with theĀ Polhemus Patriot 3-D digitizer hardware.

Fiber Optic Probes

We provide an assortment of fiber optic probes for aiding near infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy measurements.

Probes include NIRS fibers for EasyCap, DCS probes and NIRS-DCS probes, as well as custom probe designs.

Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy

We provide hardware for performing diffuse correlation spectroscopy measurements of blood flow. More details coming soon.